Rebellios faces

Portraits of women who stood up of republican values by Pierre Marquès

Entrance courtyard of La Model - c/ Entença - Barcelona. Graphic urban art installation in the entrance courtyard of La Model by Pierre Marquès, a French artist living in Barcelona. He painted six large-format portraits of women who stood up for Republican values, even after the Spanish Civil war. Some of them were deprived of their freedom for their defense of the Spanish Republic. The installation includes a QR code that leads you to the biography of these six women, who represent different chronological stages and different profiles of rebellious and committed women: Natividad Yarza Planas, Frederica Montseny i Mañé, Neus Català i Pallejà, Sara Berenguer i Laosa, Maria Salvo i Iborra, and Montserrat Roig i Fransitorra

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