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Pierre Marquès (Béziers, France, 1970) has lived in Barcelona since 1998. Since 2007, he has been working on an immense series of paintings entitled “Mon manège à moi”. His work includes paintings, stencils, classical drawings, visual poems, photographs and videos. Today he continues to play with his Kalashnikovs while preparing a retrospective in Barcelona (Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Generalitat de Catalunya, October 2013) and a show in Paris (Scrawitch - Galerie 6bis). He has just completed a graphic novel, “Tout sera oublié”, in collaboration with Mathias Énard, which was published by Éditions Actes Sud in March 2013. His most recent work is primarily based on historical memory: he has several projects underway, including books, paintings and video installations that will be shown at the Centre d’Art Santa Mónica in Barcelona in 2013.

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Dones Pioneres de la Unió Europea (solo Show)
April 2023
Universiy of Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

Rostres rebels (solo Show)
Avril 2022
La Model - Barcelone, Espagne

Tutto sarà dimenticato (solo Show)
Mars 2022
Biblioteca Civica - Pordenone, Italie

1 d’octubre i més (Group Show)
September 2018
La Model - Barcelona, Spain

Les Jardins d’Ośain (Solo Show)
June 2018
Musée Oppidum d’Ensérune - Nissan-lez-Ensérune, France

Jardins chimériques (Solo Show)
December 2017
Espai d’Art El Principal - Barcelona, Spain

Pierre Marquès - Traces de mémoires (Solo Show)
September 2016
Galerie Sophie Julien - Béziers, France

Mémorandum (Solo show - Installation)
June 2016
Nissan lez Ensérune, France

Créer c'est résister (Solo Show)
November 2015
Château Vargoz - Sérignan, France

Créer c'est résister (Solo Show)
May 2015
Espace d'art Dominique Bagouet - Montpellier, France

Tot serà oblidat (Solo Show)
October 2013
Rétrospective, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica - Barcelona, Spain

Tatto the girl (Group Show)
Décember 2012
Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Mutuo - Barcelona, Spain

Remanso de Paz (Solo Show)
April 2012
Galería ArtLinaValero - Barcelona, Spain

Enfin du nouveau sur la terreur (Solo Show)
Févrirer 2012
Galerie 6bis - Paris, France

Colectiva_Wallpaper (Group Show)
June 2011
Galería Art&Design - Barcelona, Spain

Mon manège à moi (Solo Show)
October 2008
Espai 88 - Barcelona, Spain

Plasma[s] Video-Art Festival (Group Show)
June 2006
Alliance Française de Granollers - Spain

L’Ou (Group Show)
April 2005
Museu Zoològic - Barcelona, Spain

Energies (Solo Show)
May 2003
Nori Galerie - Aichi, Japan

Malas ideas (Solo Show)
February 2001
Espai Blanc - Barcelona, Spain

Genese (Group Show)
June 2000
Château de Roueire - Béziers, France

Echinoidea (Solo Show)
Mars 1999
Galerie Carrée - Nîmes, France

Tauromachie (Solo Show)
Mars 1987
Galerie Perdigon - Béziers, France